Selling A Car Inspection

Selling a car can be an easy and worry free experience if the right legwork is done prior to putting the car up for sale.  This will show potential buyers that your car was well maintained and they are looking at a vehicle they can have for years to come with minimal issues stopping them along the way.

Photos, Photos, Photos! Taking quality photos of your clean vehicle is the first item of business.  Quality photos that show the vehicles exact condition make potential buyers feel safe about adding your car to their short list of potentials.  Having your car washed or even completely detailed prior to taking photos can mean the difference between a car sale in 7 days or 7 months.

Inspection, Inspection, Inspection! Having your vehicle inspected by an independent auto mechanic or even the dealer will also show potential buyers you don’t have “secrets” hiding about your car.  We also recommend having your engine oil evaluated to show the potential buyer how serious you really are.  This costs less than $30 and looks really good to potential buyers.

Records, Records, Records! Having your vehicles maintenance records readily available for a potential buyer will show them you have taken care of your vehicles needs at all times;  Making them very comfortable about their purchase.  At Joman Auto Service we have digitized our record keeping as of 2009 and have all those services available for our customers upon request.  Your personal service facility may have them as well, a short phone call is all it takes to find out.

Honesty, Honesty, Honesty! If you write an honest description of your car, it will go a long way.  Most car buyers know there is no such thing as a used car that needs “nothing”.  Any good technician with a fine-tooth comb will always find “something”, trivial or not.  So if you have your records or highlight any minor/major repairs the car needs… the buyer will have a lot more respect for you and not waste much of your time.  It is not worth your time to have 100 people make appointments to see your car and have 100 people haggle you and waste your time.  An honest write up will have 5 people show up, but they are 5 people who are more than likely ready to purchase your car and make their own investment based on the cars needs.

At Joman Auto Service we have bought and sold many cars through out the years.  We buy our own or help customers sell their vehicles using the methods we have outlined above. Depending on your exact needs, we can help you with your car sale, or handle every aspect of it.  We know how to get you the most for your money;  On average will get you 15% more than you could have on your own.  Our fees vary based on the amount of work you would like us to do and what 'paid for' listings you are interested in. Services which will include and outside wash/inside vacuum of car, up to 25 quality photos of the car, an overall inspection without our company letterhead explaining the condition of the car, and a basic listing that you can post on Craigslist immediately.
Call or email us today to inquire how we can facilitate with your car sale.  We can provide references for prior vehicle sales available upon request.