Over 30 Years of Reliable & Trustworthy Auto Service

Welcome to Joman Auto Service. We have extensive experience and ability to service today’s cars and light trucks. We have over 60 years of combined industry experience and service expertise that we bring to each and every one of our customers.

Tire Service Guarantee

We promise to always match our prices to that of, ensuring you get a fair deal locally.  With professional level equipment like the Hunter Auto 34s and the Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer, ensures tires are perfectly mounted and balanced to reduce vibration and help extend tire life and ride quality.

Joman Auto Service Tire & Wheel Installation Equipment

Preventative Maintenance Includes:

Engine Oil & Oil Filter

5 Quarts of OE spec oil & premium oil filter included

Tire Rotation

Torqued to manufacturer specifications.

Free 40 Point Inspection

Provided digitally, with relevant photos and videos when necessary.

Front Wipers Included

Specialty and beam wipers extra.

Covers most vehicles, call for specific details.

Must be specified at the time of appointment to ensure all parts for service are readily available.

Maintenance Specials

Synthetic oil, starting @ $75.

Conventional oil, starting @ $50.

$50 off brake pads and rotors, per axle.

Call or email to request appointment.

Our Service Promise

Joman Auto Service is dedicated to keeping you and your family safely driving wherever you travel. Our experienced service team understands the importance of vehicle inspections and clearly communicating your options to you. We give you options between OEM and aftermarket parts to help you find the best way to repair your vehicle safely and accurately.

This allows you to make the most educated decision regarding your vehicle and according to your terms.

We have practical experience installing, diagnosing, and calibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems that are commonly found in many vehicles on the road today.
We provide module installation and programming for most vehicles with OE level equipment and software.
Programming &
Our repair experience ranges from a standard oil change to brakes to engine replacement to dashboard removal for climate control system services.
General Repair
WIth the Hunter Auto 34S and the Hunter Road Force Elite wheel balancer, we are well equipeed to service every vehicle with intense care and quality.
Tires & Road Force

Why Choose Joman?



Nationwide 2 Yr & 24,000 mile warranty on all services.

Pickup, drop off and loaner


Pickup, drop off and loaner vehicle services available.

Review and approve all Car


Review and approve all services digitally with CAR.

Reliable & reputable with our


Reliable & reputable with our 4.5+ star rating.

Skilled Team
Years of
Local Service
Years of


 Find a good mechanic is not easy, finding an honest one is even harder. Ricardo and his crew have been doing work on my cars for many years and its always been a great experience. He tells me exactly what needs to be done and when it will be done, the way it should be. I have had some really bad experiences with these "popular" places like Jiffy Lube, where they charged me for synthetic and I see them putting regular oil in my car, lesson learned, go to JOMAN Thank you for your great service Highly recommended.

I went to Joman Auto Service to check out a car that the owner Ricardo had for sale. He was very friendly, and I was impressed with his honesty and how well maintained the car was, which is a great indicator for his professional standards. Ricardo was extremely patient and professional, and I left a happy customer to say the least. If I lived closer to the area, this would be my go-to repair shop. After the sale, he was nice enough to answer some questions I had about maintaining the car as well. Highly recommended, trustworthy people and great service.