A/C & Heat Repair

Your vehicle has several components that operate in conjunction with your vehicles engine system that provide you with A/C or Heat inside the vehicle.  

Each Air Conditioning system has a compressor that is belt driven from your engine assembly and then has several independent components that ensure the air in the vehicle comes out cool.  We frequently attend industry classes that keep us up to date on the most common practices used in A/C repair along with changes in newer style auto A/C systems.  We also have specialized equipment that allows us to check, vacuum, clear and refill every A/C system on the market today.

Heating systems are generally much simpler than A/C systems but can present challenges at times when previous items were not properly attended to or repaired.  Your vehicles heat is derived from your engines cooling system, which means that if those components are always maintained your chances of having heat issues are greatly diminished.  Preventative maintenance pays off here: flushing your cars coolant regularly will ensure that “gunk” does not build up in the radiator or the heater core.  Replacing a radiator can be costly, but replacing a heater cost can be deadly to your financial situation.  Something as simple as a coolant flush every couple of years will save you hundreds to thousands on those types of repairs.

At Joman Auto Service we use manufacturer specifications for:  Types of refrigerant, types of coolant, and proper replacement procedures.  No two vehicles are alike and it’s important to understand that before diving into cars and using “common knowledge” to fix every car.  Common knowledge on one automobile might be disastrous for the next.