Belts & Hoses Repair

While performing preventative maintenance such as oil changes we inspect belts and hoses for our customers.  Inevitably there may come a time where a belt or hose will cause a break down and need repair.  These are items that are generally affected by vehicle life, mileage, weather, and road conditions.  Generally, the older your car is, the better the chances these items needs to be addressed.

At Joman Auto Service we know that one hose or belt fails, there is a chance another one near it or in the same system of operation will be close to failure as well.  We work with our customers and their budgets to make the best possible recommendations on what to change and when.  This avoids disappointed customers and towing costs added.  

We use AC Delco quality belts and hoses unless OEM or equivalent is requested the by the customer for their vehicle.