Brake System Repair

Brakes are the vehicles most important function.  If you can’t stop, there is no point in driving, it’s a hazard to yourself and to others on the road.  Brakes have becomes extremely efficient in today’s cars but also more complex.  They are no longer simply brakes; they are a unit of the car.  Meaning the car has to be in good operational condition or brake problems could ensue.  An example would be a blown strut or shock; this will cause that corner of the vehicle to respond more violently and the rest of the car putting more stress on that wheel.  This requires more pressure, which in turn means more heat, which can mean anything from brake squeaking to brake fading.  One is a nuisance the other is a danger.

There are many different manufacturers of brake parts today.  With that means a variety of prices and a variety of quality.  We examine your vehicles need first, then put together a comprehensive list of parts that can be used to replace brake components.  Generally breaking them down to; Good, Better, or Best.  Best is usually OEM quality materials where Good or Better may mean off brand parts that are still safe but may not last as long.

Symptoms that your brakes need to be checked:

  • Squeaking when applying brakes or while driving
  • Pedal feels mushy
  • Pedal goes to the floor
  • Parking brake gets stuck or isn’t functional
  • Brake light in lit on the dashboard
  • Brake fluid reservoir is constantly in need of fluid

Call or email us today about your brake concerns and we will help you determine the right solution for the right price.