Exhaust System Repair

Your vehicles exhaust systems has several functions.  The most obvious is to give your engines’ somewhat toxic gases a path to exit the manifold and flow through to an area where there typically is not a person around to breathe the carbon monoxide that comes out.  Other functions would include a certain amount of backpressure that the engine needs to operate along with at least one catalytic converter, resonator, and muffler.

The catalytic converter is used to clean the hydrocarbons from exhaust fumes; its function is detrimental to our environment and an important factor in vehicle emissions.  The resonator is used as a preliminary method to quite the exhaust and the muffler being the final chamber used to quiet down the exhaust tones.  When replacing exhaust parts there are plenty of options at times and other times the options are very limited if any at all.

At Joman Auto Service we take the time to explore the options that best suits your budget.  We determine the best available parts and the consult with you to determine the best solution.  At times certain sections of the exhaust can be welded or patched saving significant amounts of money; while other times we can procure aftermarket exhaust manufacturers that will have quality parts at a fraction of the price of OEM parts.

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