Walker Catalytic Converter Rewards

Walker Exhaust Systems is running a special promotion from September 1st until October 31, 2014.  The Walker Converter Rewards program will give the consumer a $50 rebate in the form of a Visa Prepaid Card.

Feel free to read about the rebate details and limitations about this promotion from Walker Catalytic Converters on their website

In conjunction with Walker Exhaust Systems, Joman Auto Service is offering 50% off of labor for any customer who purchases any of the following Walker Catalytic Converter systems here:

Qualifying Products:

  • Walker Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters: 15000, 16000, 40000 and 50000 Series
  • Walker Direct-Fit CalCat® Catalytic Converters: 80000 - 82000 Series

Joman Auto Service customers will receive the 50% reduction in labor price on the spot and will not have to submit any rebate forms.  Our offer in conjunction with Walker Converter Rewards has the following rules:

  • Walker Catalytic Converter MUST be purchased here.  You will find we offer very fair pricing.
  • 50% off of labor is only valid for customers who have the work performed here.
  • 50% off does not apply to exhaust hardware or exhaust gaskets that may be needed to properly perform service.  You are welcome to bring your own exhaust hardware and gaskets, however they must be present at the time the service is starting.
  • 50% off ONLY APPLIES to customers that either mention this page directly and/or schedule an appointment through our appointment scheduling form here.
  • Labor is derived from Chilton Labor Books and/or actual time spent on the vehicle, whichever is greater.  We are not responsible for bolts/nuts or any other hardware that is rusted to the point where it will be damaged or stripped on removal.  Should we encounter this while working on your vehicle, we will bring it to your attention BEFORE we proceed with the service so you can approve it.
  • Payments accepted are cash and credit card ONLY for this service.

Joman Auto Service assumes no liability in the catalytic converter fixing your problem unless we diagnose it here and determine that replacing your catalytic converter will fix the actual issue you are experiencing with your vehicle.

Having a P0420 or a P0430 code is a good indication that you likely need your catalytic converter replaced but it does not mean that it is the actual issue or the only issue.  We stand by our work 100% and should the catalytic converter be defective in nature, we will gladly replace it for free within the warranty period as deemed by Walker Exhaust Systems/Walker Catalytic Converters.  Free replacement is subject to inspection by Walker to determine the cause of the defect.  At that time you may be without your vehicle for several days.  Joman Auto Service is not responsible for any fees incurred should such events occur.